Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Strengthening Our, "Spiritual Core"

A little over 4 years ago I began working out. I hired a personal trainer to guide me through my workout. Joey mentioned a program called, "Pilates". He said it would strengthen my core, help me with my balance, teach cleansing breathing techniques and prepare me for heavier exercises. Upon entering the gym I saw 6' 2", 225 pound men rolling on balls and struggling through what appeared to me to be moves more appropriately accomplished in tutus than sweat pants. I was embarassed for them. That is, until Joey began to put me through what can only be considered a final chapter in, "Foxes Book of Martyrs!" In the next several issues of this blog we will be reviewing physical training techniques originated by Joseph Pilates. We'll make spiritual application of these techniques to our daily lives and begin, "Strengthening Our Spiritual Core."

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