Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Do The Signs Show He Is Coming Soon?

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Yet another date will come and, most likely pass, without the return of Jesus. I say “most likely” because, make no mistake, I believe He is coming - He is coming according to the Father’s plan, His schedule, and without obligation to my expectations.

The topic of Christ’s return seems to separate Christendom into two camps, the, “Look Up” camp and the, “Occupy” camp.

The, “Look Up” camp would have us to believe that the precise date of Christ’s return is unmistakably obvious to those who have an ear to hear and an eye to see the signs of the times. While I cannot dispute their calculations (until the day following a prediction), I must dispute the notion that their insight separates believers from those who have yet to commit their lives to Christ. The Bible never speaks to the notion that salvation will be based upon those who know the date. It does refer to those who are, “ready”.

Then we have the, “Occupy” camp. This group of believers would admit that they do not know when Christ will return. They are, however, committed to the fact that His return is certain and that there are responsibilities to be fulfilled while awaiting His return.

The “Look Up” camp would site Noah’s heartfelt warnings to a lost humanity. “Judgement is coming!” Whether or not Noah was able to give them the precise date and time for the rains to begin I do not know. It did, after all, take some one-hundred years to complete construction of the ark. Noah’s unmistakable plea for people to heed the warning is indisputable. Every stoke of Noah’s hammer, every thrust of his saw against gopher wood, every drop of sweat, every blister and sliver was evidence to a surrounding population that judgement was coming, that judgement was sure and that safety would only be secured by God’s provision.

Noah was, “occupying”. Noah was busy doing what God had unmistakably told him to do. He was engaged in and faithful to the will of God. The chiding of the crowds would not deter Noah. He was, “occupying” until God’s time would be fulfilled. He was hard at work. Noah was focused upon the task at hand and he was committed to every element, every measure and every responsibility entrusted by God to his care.

We are closer today to Christ’s return than we were yesterday. Obvious, no? So, if we have truly accepted Him as personal Lord and Savior, if we truly believe He is coming according to the Bible, how much sweat have we invested during these days prior to His return? How much love have we shown to those who have yet to know Him personally? How much service have we rendered to those in need? How many times have we introduced Him to those who know us best? What are the tools He has given us so that we can be engaged in and be faithful to His will? Have those tools been stored away, or are they worn from continued faithful use?

It is yet another day!

“This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!
- Psalm 118:24

There is yet time to grow spiritually, to be thankful, to praise, to serve, to love, to give, to share, to nurture, to testify, to know Christ personally, to serve Christ more faithfully.

THIS IS the day the Lord hath made, thank God we have another chance!” - author’s interpretation

God bless!