Friday, November 9, 2012

Breaking down the congratulations and prayer ...

Congratulations, President Obama.

You were awarded, by Popular Vote and the Electoral College, a second term as President of the United States of America. Please implore your Senate to consider your words that we are a “UNITED” States of America. Please consider those of us who wish to be represented at best, simply considered at worst, even though our methods to heal the country are quite different. Work with us, hear us and perfect your plan through the amalgamated wisdom of our combined Representatives.

Prayers for God's guidance and your willingness to be led while leading.

I cannot begin to imagine the enormity of your job. I cannot begin to categorize the multitude of considerations you must, on a daily basis attend. I shudder to think of the responsibility for the well-being of the citizens of this land and the impact that responsibility has upon a watching world. I would not compound that responsibility by depending solely upon you. I believe that it is only by God’s grace, God’s guidance, God’s providence, God’s mercy, God’s design and God’s sovereignty that any man can withstand the wiles of evil to lead the nation in a course of righteousness. It is only a man willing to be led by God who can follow Him and thus provide the leadership we need.

Prayers for your family, their safety, the wellbeing of your wife and children.

Are we not truly blessed? Do we not have a great responsibility for the well-being of our families now and into their future? I pray for your children to continue to be enriched by the love of a mother and a father. I pray for those who would be parents but who, by no fault of their own, will never hear the giggles of their child, nurse their child’s scrapes or bruises, proudly watch these gifts from God grow and mature, and experience a parent’s joyful legacy as grandchildren and great-grandchildren are brought into their lives. And sir, I sorrowfully pray for those children who, through no fault of their own, never.

Prayers for our country. May we be united with a singleness of purpose. By being Americans we have already been given, "a break". May we look to God to grasp the opportunities that come with our birthright of freedom. There is no gift but that we were born in a land where we can freely overcome obstacles to "become".

The feebleness of mankind is strengthened only by humbly yielding to the will of God. Our founders, separated by so very many beliefs, were united in an awesome duty by God’s strength. This nation appears to be turning from Devine leadership. While tolerance is profoundly needed for a people to be united, it cannot replace Godly virtue and an awareness of our own spiritual need. We are Americans. We are free. But what does this freedom entail? Is it lawlessness? Is it freedom from the consideration of others? Is freedom a lonely island of self gratification or is it a willingness to deny selfish endeavor for the good of all? Does sacrificial love simply empty itself or is it continually filled to overflowing with the joy of participating in this wonderful gift of freedom? And what about opportunity? No, simply being in America does not guarantee any measure of success. It does, however, guarantee the potential path, however difficult, however filled with obstacles, however painful and long that few other countries offer to their citizens. This is a country wherein a citizenship guided by God's will selflessly uphold those who cannot lift themselves.

May we understand that it is not the value of our land and it's beauty that attracts God's blessing but that in times past we recognized God as the source of our blessing. May we willingly recognize God's appointment of leadership.

From sea to shining sea, beautiful! But it is the beauty of a people willing to recognize from whence this source of freedom, happiness, and opportunity comes, God. There can be no compromise in this conviction. There can be so edict that moves a nation to comply. Herein is a soul-change that only God can effect. And so, those of us who are believers call upon God to guide our lives in such a way that He is evidenced, daily, to our fellow citizens.

... without compromising our conviction and may our conviction be so well heard that leadership is moved by God's will. It is so wonderful to be an American!

May we believers be the living proof of His Devine providence. If no God is seen in us, then in our scope of influence no God exists. May the contrary become true and may He be proved right by our spirit of love, hard work, sacrifice and optimism. May the heart of our Representatives be turned to Him and may your heart be filled with confidence in leading because of the evidence you witness in those willing to put Him in His rightful place as God of all, Creator of all and Savior of all who would humbly call upon His name.

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