Friday, January 7, 2011

Do Ask, Do Tell ...

No, this is not going to be provocative. I just wanted to catch your attention for a moment.

Perhaps it is time to come out of the closet. Perhaps it is proper to release the self imposed stigma that stifles true purpose; refute the fear of what people may think and live life outside the shadows. It’s not going to be enough to simply proclaim the truth and then scurry to a new protective environment with individuals who have made the same decision. It is time to live it - perhaps (at times) alone. It is time to live it - not with pride, but with a humble “attitude of servitude”. Perhaps it is time to simply say, “yes; yes I am a Christian.”

Not everyone accepts the Christian belief. Being a Christian is not a cloak of righteousness hung in the closet to be worn when circumstances are “safe” and warrant it’s exposure. It is not the licensed onslaught of condemnation towards others who may have a different belief; or no belief at all. It is not competitive; not an exclusive club of “holier-than-thou achievers” by whom The Almighty Himself proclaims His righteous approval.

Being a Christian is not religious. Being a Christian is not a cause. Being a Christian is not a political positioning. Being a Christian is nothing to be ashamed of - but nothing for which an individual can proudly take credit.

So what is it - really?

True Christianity is an unmerited, unwarranted gift. It is Someone put in not something put on. It is the ultimate “giving forward”. Christianity replaces hopeless wandering with meaningful purpose. It is aimlessly searching until God let’s you know that all along you’ve been guided, guarded, found. It is release and restoration. It is sacrifice and assurance. It is the peace that passes all understanding.

An old children’s chorus exclaims, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! Hide it under a bushel? No; I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.”

True Christianity is personal and private but the fruit of this gift becomes ever so outward and obvious. How can it be contained? True Christianity replaces blindly searching with an acute awareness of other’s needs. It is the sacrificial desire for their best. It is allowing that “little light” to shine through loving actions selflessly poured out with no regard for recognition.

True Christianity is ready to respond to the needs of others, “please ask”. It the outward expression of an inward “rebirth” by way of the sinless sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection. It is the missing piece/peace in a heart longing to be whole. It is the desire to share this wonderful gift with others so that in their search they may recognize personally they too have been guided, guarded, found!

Today’s a great day to let your light shine; "do tell!"

God bless

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