Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays?

I know, I know ... it’s politically correct, “Happy holidays”. I promise; I’ve really tried to say it. I certainly don’t want to be offensive.

“Happy ho; happy hol; MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

I just can’t seem to bring myself to (temporarily) separate myself from my faith, and from the greeting that to me means, “May God richly bless you and yours with peace, joy and a love that only He can give! ” No, really; I've TRIED!

“Happy hol ... Happy holi ...” darn!

Why is, “Merry Christmas” tantamount to yelling, “FIRE” in a crowded building? When was this determined? Who determined it?

Okay, I suppose for a non-believer or different believer it might seem hypocritical to extend a greeting for which there is no true meaning. I can understand that. As a matter of fact, I respect the fact that such an individual is so truthful. But, I am a believer. This IS my greeting. Why would I recoil at the opportunity to extend it? Why would any non-believer or different believer be offended when I too am being truthful? I can accept their well wishes for a season of happiness. As a matter of fact, I appreciate it! Who decided that my greeting is not acceptable? When extended in sincerity, what reasonable person, of any faith, or no faith, would be repulsed?

I don’t know. I suppose I’m just biased. I suppose I am hopelessly locked in the past, unwilling to give up the traditions and beliefs upon which my life has been influenced.

“Happy holid... happy holid...”, nope.

I could easily say, “happy holidays” for those events that don’t particularly hold a deeper personal meaning to me. GROUNDHOG DAY - ‘HAPPY HOLIDAY!” I have no problem with that one...

There is just something about Christmas and Easter that (to me), sets it apart from Groundhog Day.

I am so out of touch that I just recently realized there are, “Season’s Greetings Police” among us. Perhaps you’ve met them too. They are the ones who, if extended, “Merry Christmas”, firmly, sternly retort with, “HAPPY - HOLIDAYS!” Ouch!

Well, going on about it won’t change the situation. Someone, somewhere, who knows a lot more about right and wrong than I do, and has far more influence than my little blog, determined that I must, at the very least, be cautious when extending MY greeting or salutation.

So, forgive me if you must. I truly do wish each and every individual, with whom I have been so blessed to know, and from whom I have gained so much, God’s richest blessings now and for the many seasons to come.

Merry Christmas!

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